5 Things All Young Leaders Need to Keep In Mind

September 30, 2019


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5 Things All Young Leaders Need to Keep In Mind

I know God has put me on this planet to help people show up, tell the truth, and live God’s best for their lives.  One of the best parts of living out that passion and walking in God’s calling for my life is getting to have conversations with other young leaders and entrepreneurs. 

A lot of the conversations I have are laced with similar themes so I put together a list today that will hopefully encourage and challenge you.

Here are 5 Things All Young Leaders Need to Keep In Mind:

  1. God loves to drop clues and work through the people He puts around us.  He’ll give you clues to let you know when there are areas in you or your skillset that need to be worked out or worked on.  You can’t miss God unless you want to miss Him. He’s so loving and committed to your success that He can’t be silent. Listen to and look for Him.
  2. Boundaries can make people uncomfortable but they’re necessary.  The thing about greatness and giftedness is people can’t get enough of it. If we don’t speak up, it’s only going to get harder down the line.  Be honest about what you can and can’t do and then go kill it.
  3. Sometimes our gifting surpasses our maturity level.  Just because you’re gifted doesn’t mean your character has developed to a place to walk in that gift.  Submit to God’s authority and His timing. Be willing to be developed and humbly hone your skills.
  4. God has placed people in authority above you so that you can serve them.  When you aren’t the one in charge, allow the Holy Spirit to tutor you on what you want to be when you are the leader and what you don’t.  Help, serve, do what Jesus has called you to do, and watch Him honor it.
  5. Instead of being critical, figure out how you can help in achieving the greater vision.  It’s easy for young leaders to point out everything they would change about an organization and get discouraged when they don’t see the organization shifting.  What’s harder is committing to be a part of the solution, but it’s worth it. It takes time and effort to turn a big ship, and it’s way better to be a contributor instead of a critic.

The most important thing I can tell you and encourage you with today is that God’s Word is the highest truth concerning your life.  While you’re in the everyday grind, remember who God has told you you are in private.

He’ll tell you things in private long before anybody sees it play out publicly.  When people don’t see it right away, it doesn’t change who you are or what He’s told you. It’s your job to show up and do the work. It’s His job to see it through.

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