5 Tips To Better Time Management

June 3, 2019


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5 Tips To Better Time Management

Do you struggle with time management and productivity? As an entrepreneur, I can most likely assume yes. In a business world that constantly tells us that we need to be doing all the things all the time, we 99% of the time find ourselves super busy but not productive.

So first, let me start off by saying, this post is not really going to be about how to make sure you pick up your kids from school on time or how to show up on time for work. I’ll touch on that type of stuff briefly in the beginning, but essentially this blog post is all about how to manage your time for optimal results in your life and business. What do I mean by that? How do you use your time across the board each and every day?

So let’s jump right in!

If you’re somebody that’s struggling with being on time in general, I just want you to know that from a spiritual standpoint, that behavior is mainly an issue of flesh management and it is more than likely rooted in a lack of self-control. Or perhaps, you lack revelation around how your behavior (your habit of being late) is affecting others.

Either way, don’t panic if that’s you! I know exactly how you feel because that was a major battle of mine early on in my career as an entrepreneur. Sometimes managing yourself is the hardest part about running your business. But like I said, don’t get down in the dumps if that’s you. With God’s help and a genuine desire to change, that can all be turned around.

In order to break free from behaviors that are holding us back from being our best, we must first identify what has us trapped in a particular pattern.

In my case, I discovered that the root of my tardiness was people pleasing (fear of man). I would try to move from one gig to another and in between, people would interrupt me for support, advice, or whatever the case might be, and I would stop to connect with them. Deep down, I genuinely wanted to but I was also afraid to disappoint them.

So I would sacrifice being on time to my next commitment without communicating my need to either end the conversation or schedule another time to talk that better suited my schedule. This became extremely problematic.

So what am I trying to say? People pleasing was the root of my issue. If you struggle in this area, it’s important that you discover the root of yours.

Okay! Now that that’s out of the way, let’s get started on some key steps you can take for optimal productivity. Here’s the first thing as it relates to time management for optimal results.

1. Discover what Works for You

It’s super important that you understand what works for YOU. You need a time management strategy that is directly aligned with who you are authentically and is a match for what God told you to do. What does that mean? Your game plan needs to be custom.

You can listen to my podcast episode on time management, you can read books about it but at end of the day, you have to take that information, SLOW DOWN and customize it so that it works for you. This takes time because you have to pay attention to your habits and learn how to play to your strengths instead of focusing on your weaknesses.

The bottom line: we have to maximize the present in order to prepare for the future.

2. Stay Coachable

We know that out here in the wild adventures of faith, our timing is not always God’s timing. Amen?! You have to always keep that in mind as you beastmode your goals and daily routine. What God sees as a priority and what we see as priorities are not always the same thing.

However, when you learn to consistently yield to His voice (throughout the day), you can be sure to be in the right place, doing the right things, with the right people, the right way AND be right on time! Don’t hold your agenda so tight that you miss God! Stay open and be coachable by staying in constant communication with Him (throughout the day).

This requires listening not just doing! You must be willing to slow down so that He can teach you how to be in sync with His timing. God has a rhythm. There is a frequency that you must tap into if you’re going to really maximize your time on earth and get things done in an efficient way that pleases Him.

3. Develop Your Strategy (Game Plan)

You gotta have a game plan! How do you get the game plan? Prayer. We hear this a lot, but I’m going to give you the Break Free version lol. You have to open up your heart and find out what God wants. A lot of times we go to God with motives and hidden agendas (even though God is all knowing) and we come out of prayer thinking that we’ve heard from Him when really we’ve just heard from ourselves – oops!

God is progressive. He is never stuck. So you definitely want to get your blueprint from Him. That is the only way you can be sure to have maximum agility in the Spirit! When you enter into His presence, let him download the game plan because He knows the most efficient and effective way to get everything done.

And He will tell you potential problems that you can avoid whether that’s through prayer, through other people, or the God-winks in life that confirm what He’s saying. He goes before you bringing you into the place which He has prepared for you before the foundation of the earth. Isn’t that amazing? Let’s not make this hard on ourselves. Pray and get the game plan! Amen?!

Keep God at the center of everything. That means when you seek Him in the beginning, you’ve got to keep seeking Him in the middle AND at the end. When we execute our plans prematurely without Him, we end up drowning in the sea of Galilee (like Peter trying to walk on water lol) and we’re like, “Save us. Help us!” Then we want God to be on board with what we had in mind and it doesn’t work that way.

Listen. We cannot do this in our own strength, and if you try to, you’ll end up overwhelmed, frustrated, and worn out. That is the trick of the enemy – to get you in your own strength. God didn’t design us to operate independently of Him so you’ve got to pray and let Him lead.

4. Set Specific Goals

You’ve heard this before and it’s true. You need to have specific goals and you have to write them down. Write everything down. Studies have shown that you become 42% more likely to achieve your goals and dreams simply by writing them down on a regular basis. It’s true… I’ve seen it work in my own life and the Bible tells us to do the same thing.

“Write the vision, and make it plain upon tables, that he may run that readeth it.” – Habakuk 2:2, KJV

When your goals are written down, you become so clear on what you’re working on that you can clearly recognize whether or not new opportunities align with your goals.

Another reason why it’s important to write down your goals is because you can actually see if it happened or not, which gives you an opportunity to celebrate your wins. You and your team need to see that you actually accomplished what you set out to do.

It’s encouraging. It’s motivating. It makes people want to keep going. When people don’t see results from their hard work, they can become unenthusiastic.  It can create a breakdown in morale and people lose interest in working together. So celebrating the wins and being able to see what got accomplished keeps people encouraged. It keeps people engaged and it keeps people on board.

One thing I always share with my clients is prosperity loves clarity. When I say prosperity, I’m not just talking about money, but any form or any type of resource. If your goals are not clear, resources won’t really know how to find you.

For example, don’t just say “you want to lose weight” … instead say “I want to lose 10 pounds by July 15th.” Do you see the difference? One goal is in outer space LOL, and the other version tells you exactly how many pounds and determines a deadline. A goal without a plan and a deadline, is simply a wish.

It’s just like faith…you’ve got to have a clear picture of what you’re believing for. These things are important because a lot of times when we don’t write things down and we’re just kind of haphazardly moving towards our goals, we can find ourselves very, very busy but not really productive. So we have a lot going on, but we have very few results.

So in summary, set specific goals and write everything down.

5. Set Systems and Structures

You know, a lot of times people are asking me, “Hey Ash, how did you do this? Or how did you get this done so quickly?”

The answer: systems.  

You have to have systems. They are very important in your business and as many things that you can automate, you should. It will help free up your time to focus on doing other things that are a better use of your time that allow you to play to your strengths.

Sometimes we know what works for us, we’re coachable, we develop our strategy, we set specific goals, but we lack structure. You need systems in order to execute well and it will help you hold yourself and team accountable. Without them, you can be sure to find yourself starting and stopping projects over and over again.

Systems are the foundation of your business and they serve as support to help you reach your company goals. It’s essential for entrepreneurs to incorporate them into their businesses and lives in order to achieve and maintain results.

If you execute without efficient and accurate systems, you’re going to find that your results aren’t sustainable. More than likely, you will also find yourself sabotaging resources that God sent to you to bless you.

Simply put, if you don’t run business, business is going to run you. And if you let business run you, you’re going to be worn out. Think about creating a systems that help you show up as your best every single day because it’s really about working well and using the time that you have well.

So let’s review.

  • Discover what works for you.
  • Be coachable.
  • Develop your strategy (game plan).
  • Set specific goals.
  • And lastly, create systems and structures.

I would love to know your biggest takeaway from this post. Tell me in the comments below or let me know if you have any questions! And if you know this post would benefit someone you know, don’t be stingy, share it!

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