Break Free Be Unstoppable (BFBU) is an online educational platform providing you with transformative personal and professional development. Consisting of courses and both private and group coaching, we empower you to show up, tell the truth and do the work so that you can live God’s best for your life. If you’re ready to break free from what's been holding you back and reach your peak performance to receive life-changing results, we can help!


  • Shamone – Fearless Conference
  • Taylor
  • Rebecca
  • Adriana Testimony – Women’s Pastor & Entrepreneur
  • Franny Testimony -TV Producer
  • Christa

Ashley took us on a journey and what a breath of fresh air! Her practical teaching met us where we were, encouraged us to embrace who we are in Christ, and reminded us of the importance of renewing our minds. Thought provoking insight like sitting still to listen to the Holy Spirit will save you money, time, and energy, hit at the heart of “allowing fear to contaminate our faith.” So much rich word - I’m full, ready to work the Word, and let my life speak of the goodness of the Lord!

Shamone Seay, Fearless Conference 2019, Wheaton Christian Center

A year and a half ago, I went to St. Thomas with Ashley and she taught me that the only person who can make a shift in my life is me! I have to make intentional decisions every day and hold myself accountable. Here's to being unstoppable!

Taylor, BFBU Women's Retreat

In a word, working with Ashley was transformative. Whether we are talking about growing in God, in business, or as a person, her questions and counsel help me get clear on what is holding me back, get past it, and move forward at warp speed. My money doubled month over month, I have more clients now than I’ve ever had before, and my programs, offerings, and services are expanding. I couldn’t have done it without her. She is anointed, she is loving, she is a force of nature! She loves God and she loves His people, and she is good at what she does. She gets results, she lives results, and she will help you get the results that you want in your life.

Rebecca Watson, Break Free Boot Camp

I always thought that these giants needed to be defeated by me, alone. And I had all these strategies and all these things that I wanted to do, and all I got was tired and frustrated with not seeing the results that I wanted to see, with not feeling secure with my identity in Christ, with knowing all the theory and just not being able to tap into it in my real life. I guess I never expected this to impact my life in so many levels, because I only thought it’s going to like free me in an emotional level or spiritual level. But the changes that the Lord has done in my life through my coaching with Ashley, has impacted not only my emotions and my thought life and my spiritual life, it has impacted the way I do business; it has impacted the way I do ministry; it has impacted my leadership; it has impacted my personal relationships.

Adriana, One-on-One Coaching

I was working in accounting and I was very unhappy. My passion was in television production. Ashley’s program and the way she taught me to stand on God’s promises in my prayer life built my faith. I left my accounting job with no plan B, but I knew I made the right decision. Shortly after, I got a call from the senior producer of the Judge Mathis Show. The supervisor said "Hi Franny we have a position that just opened up. if you want to interview for it come in at 3pm tomorrow". I immediately thanked God and was already thinking this is MY TIME AND MY JOB. Long story short, I got the promotion and it was more money than I was thinking -- GOD IS SO REAL. Ashley taught me how to stand on God’s promises and pray with a purpose. I'm forever grateful for her.

Franny, 90 Day Get Unstuck Program

The very first session I had with Ashley was about picking up broken pieces and it was really difficult. I told her about all the people that I have held grudges against and immediately I began to notice patterns of brokenness. After the first session I completed the assignments, and I felt God’s spirit rest on me. I experienced the spirit of freedom immediately and it felt so good after having been depressed for almost a year. The next sessions progressed and it came to the root of my low self esteem and intense emotional pain. I started to open up about my past and my experiences with homelessness, domestic violence, and growing up without a father figure in my life. Ashley and I talked about it and it was like a switch was turned off. My negative self image began to dissolve. From only seven sessions I have received the freedom to be who God created me to be. I have gained confidence in myself and in who God is. I have actually learned to love myself and I’m in the process of finding God’s purpose for my life.

Christa, One-on-One Coaching


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