Episode 2: The Real Relationship Talk

Join me and Tiffany Everage, a licensed clinical professional counselor, certified alcohol and drug counselor, and in the process of finalizing her certificate in marriage and family therapy license for this episode on a real talk about relationships. Tiffany is the founder of Soul City Therapy, and her personal mission is to help guide people into greater awareness and deeper healing. She’s also into spinning and she loves making smoothies in the morning!

This episode is filled with practical advice on:

  • How to know if you’re chronically single (desiring a relationship, but have found yourself dateless) and what to do about it
  • Whether women should pursue men in dating relationships and what that looks like
  • What you can do to prepare for a relationship and how to find personal healing
  • Knowing when to seek counseling and why it’s so important to process deep, emotional pains
  • The stigma in the church regarding mental illness

There’s a ton of laughs, but get the answers to your questions on all things relationships!

Check out the episode below:

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