Episode 10: Waging the War on Insecurity

April 1, 2019


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In the Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook world we live in, it’s more tempting now than ever to compare yourself to those around you. Before your day even starts, you can scroll through the top highlights of someone else’s life and decide that as a result of their success and accomplishments, you’re inadequate.

The devil is a liar! God made you exactly the way you are on purpose and He wants you to be happy being YOU! There are so many consequences to living life insecure. It will cause you to self-sabotage opportunities that God custom designed for your success. It will damage relationships and career opportunities. It will rob you of your peace and you will never truly enjoy life and become the full expression of who you were meant to be if you don’t learn to love yourself – for real!

We’ve all dealt with insecurity at one time or another, but we can’t stay there. We have to break free! If you’re ready to show up, tell the truth and do the work, check out this message I recently taught at my church, Waging the War on Insecurity!

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