What To Do As A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

July 1, 2019


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What To Do As A Multi-Passionate Entrepreneur

How do you persevere and stay encouraged when God keeps stretching you? How do you serve others with grace and passion without letting people take advantage of you? Sometimes, people put you in a box, but that doesn’t mean you have to live in it. Don’t allow yourself to be defined by the limitations and opinions of others. Stay true to yourself and who God says you are and simply focus on doing what He has called you to do.

When People Are Asking Too Much of You

The thing about greatness and giftedness is that people can never get enough of it. As a result, you have to set boundaries or you’re going to get burnt out. Sometimes, this requires you to slow down and to get clear on what God wants you to stop doing or start doing (more about this in the break free book).

There is a thin line between God using people to stretch you and people taking advantage of you. How do you know the difference? Keep reading! A lot of times, we have invisible competencies (skills sets) that God wants to make us aware of. He wants to draw them out of us so that they can be developed and He uses people and designs customized environments to make this happen.

But if you’re not intentional about drawing the line, people will take advantage of you. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, “people only do what you will allow” and it’s true. God gave us authority (Genesis 1:26) and we are the ones responsible for governing our lives.

This includes the gifts and talents that He placed on the inside of us. People need what you have and they are going to reach out! That is a good thing. It only becomes problematic when you find yourself saying yes to the wrong opportunities and no to the right ones.

When an organization has a need, they want to fill it. Bottom line. And the more desperate the situation, the more quickly they will want to fix it. When they call you to fill that role, close that gap, or solve that problem, you have to have discernment.

Ask yourself: is this where God wants me to be? Is God using this organization, this leader, or this company to help me develop and mature? Is this something that maybe I don’t feel qualified to do, but should be doing in obedience to God in order to serve others?

Just because an opportunity is presented to you doesn’t mean that you have to say yes and just because you don’t feel qualified for it, doesn’t mean you should say no. Don’t get trapped in people pleasing or be so thirsty to get involved (wanting to have deeper connections, thinking it will bring future awards or titles, making more money, etc.) God will always reveal where He wants you to be. You just have to be willing to listen and obey.

Another angle to consider when an opportunity presents itself is whether or not you are ready to take on that level of responsibility. Just because people are ready doesn’t mean that you are.

Sometimes we’re more gifted than we are spiritually, socially, or emotionally mature and that can become problematic. Just because your gift got you in the door doesn’t mean that your character can keep you in the room. Again though…remember you have to be real with yourself!

Knowing Which Direction You Should Take

God drops clues on our path to let us know which direction we should move in. He tells us that if we acknowledge Him in all of our ways that He will direct our path (Proverbs 3:5-6). How does He do this? Sometimes, He speaks directly to us and that’s amazing, but a lot of  times God works through people.

He puts people in our lives to help cultivate what He placed on the inside of us in order to position us for what He has called us to do. But can you recognize these people? They are not always who you think they are. They may not look the part, but trust me, they are the part lol.

Are you willing to humble yourself and submit to those that He has entrusted to guide you along your journey? Or the situations He uses to illuminate the areas of your heart and the habits in your life that need to change? Yes, the C word that we love so much lol. Change!

I always say you can’t miss God unless you want to miss Him because God is so loving! He’s so committed to your success that He’s going to continue dropping clues (revealing Himself) in hopes that you will respond with obedience (love). He is the one that will help you course correct: tell you who and what to give your yes to, what to walk away from, and also what you need to work on.

God loves to stretch folks lol. (He takes us outside our comfort zone and puts us in the wild adventures of faith). Why? So that we can grow! So that we can develop the capacity necessary to obtain and sustain our destiny (those amazing dreams you keep petitioning God for in your prayer closet). And ultimately, so that He can promote us!

Listen. God knows how to get you there! He knows the path that is best for you (even if it looks like it doesn’t add up).

When God is developing the gifts that are inside of you, He’s going to put you in situations where you’re being pulled on and pulled up at the same time. Potential doesn’t manifest without pressure. If it did, then everyone would be living their best lives forreal and not just singing about it. Potential requires a demand, a customized environment to produce what needs to come out.

So if you feel like life keeps trying you lol….it is! Why? So that your full potential can be manifested in the earth and so that your character can be developed enough to manage and maintain what’s being manifested.

When People Put You In A Box

In this country, there’s a tendency to believe that you can’t do more than one thing. But what was Jesus’s take on that? Did He do one thing?

He was a teacher, a carpenter, a healer, a fisher of men, but based on people’s experience with Him and what they thought or who they thought He was and what they believed, determined what they got out of their experience with Him.

And He did not do many miracles there because of their lack of faith. Matthew 13:58, NIV

He could do no mighty works in His hometown because they perceived Him as a carpenter. Unless Jesus was there to hammer some nails, they couldn’t get with it. LOL But did it affect him being Christ or the mission He was sent here to accomplish? No, He kept it moving because He knew who He was and He was about His Father’s business.

People say what they see. So if they see you preach, you’re a preacher. If they see you produce, you’re a producer. If they see you write, you’re a writer. People are going to label you based on their experience or history with you and you have to be okay with that. Don’t punish them for it.

Just because they have you in that box doesn’t mean that you have to live in it. It’s important to remember who God tells you that you are in private. That is why developing intimacy with God is so crucial because it’s in your private time that He reveals and affirms who you are. And that is what will fortify your confidence and enable you to show up authentically regardless of the labels that people put on you. When you know who you are, what other people say becomes irrelevant because God’s Word is the highest truth concerning your life.

Warning: When you follow God, you must be willing to accept that others may be disappointed with the decisions that you make because they don’t align with their expectations of you. Who you’re becoming may not necessarily match what they had in mind for your future.

They don’t know what God told you and you’re not responsible for fulfilling the plan they have for you. You’re responsible for fulfilling the plans that God has for you. You have to make a decision: am I going to live my life based on what people think I should be or who God says I am?

You can’t do both. You can’t fulfill your destiny and be worried about what people think at the same time. Continue to focus on who God says you are live your life in agreement with that truth daily.

So let’s review.

  • God gave us authority and we are the ones responsible for governing our lives. Set boundaries!
  • You don’t have to say yes to every opportunity. Use discernment, and if you don’t have any, pray for some.
  • God is committed to your success and He drops clues. It’s your job to discover and submit to them.
  • Don’t allow yourself to be defined by the limitations and opinions of others.

I would love to know your biggest takeaway from this post. Tell me in the comments below or let me know if you have any questions! And if you’re looking for more stories about my entrepreneurial journey, check out my book, Break Free, so that you can unlock your God-given potential and unleash your unstoppable. As always, if you know this post would benefit someone you know, don’t be stingy, share it!

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